3 Travel Credit Cards That Are Worth the Annual Fees

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Disclaimer:  No affiliate links in this post. I just like these cards.

Every now and then, I get asked for a credit card recommendation.  Often the cards I suggest comes with an annual fee.  People sometimes balk at the annual fees.  I understand the reaction because one might ask, “Why would you even pay an annual fee when there are no-fee cards out there?”  It’s all about value.  I often prefaced my suggestions that the right cards really depend on your needs.

Because I am big on travel, these are 3 cards that I think are worth the annual fees.  These are the ones I keep year after year.

1. Chase’s IHG card ($49 annual fee)

I’ve long admitted that I have a love-hate relationship with Chase Bank.  Fortunately, the only card where I haven’t had a breach is the IHG card.   It’s a good thing because I made it clear that I love the IHG card.  For the low annual fee of $49, you can free night certificate at any of the IHG properties.  This card is a no-brainer for me, and I am happy to pay the annual fee on this card year after year.

The public sign-up offer is 60,000 points, though there have offers of 80,000 points.


2. Citi’s Prestige card ($450 annual fee)

The Citi Prestige is a premium travel card that comes with a hefty $450 annual fee.  I’ve kept it for a few years now, because it made sense for me.

The card benefits comes with a $250 airline credit reimbursement.  If you travel often enough and have airline related expenses, that can easily offset the the annual fee.  You can think of this card as a $200 annual fee card.  You have to decide whether the other travel benefits justify the $200 fee.   Since I travel often enough and can make use of the 4th night free benefits, the travel benefits are worth its value to me.

While Citi had gotten rid of the AA lounge access earlier this year, I still find the Priority Pass membership to be valuable.  Given the high annual fee, I weigh whether I want to keep it every year. So far, it’s a keeper based on my travel needs.


3. Bank of America’s Premium Rewards Credit Card ($95 annual fee)

This is a new premium travel card that came out just this Fall.  Branded as a premium travel card from Bank of America, it currently comes with a good 50,000 sign up offer. I do see this card as a keeper card but my reasoning is probably not what most people expect.

I actually don’t have a lot of cards, and this is the only one I have that is a Visa Signature branded card. I need a Visa so I can use it at Costco.  One might also add that there are no-fee Visa cards out there.  That is true, but I also like the $100 reimbursement for TSA Pre or Global Entry (once every four years) and the $100 reimbursement for airline incidentals.  Again, given how big I am on travel, these benefits will more than offset the annual fee for me.


What’s in your wallet?  Which travel cards have you found to be a keeper?  Please share below.

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