Airport Lounge Review: The Club at Pittsburgh International Airport

The Club Lounge was opened at the Pittsburgh International Airport in late 2017.  You can access the lounge if you are a Priority Pass member.  You can also buy day passes ($40).

With the Priority Pass membership, I decided to make a “pit” stop to check out the lounge — located near the front of Concourse C.  Despite needing to be on Concourse D, it was an easy stroll to get to the lounge.

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Lounging at the Club

While I am no stranger to airport lounges over the years, this is only my second visit to “The Club” branded lounges.  I had recently visited one at MCO, which was very comfortable.

The Club at PIT was quite full at the time of my visit, making the lounge feel quite crowded.  To respect other guests privacy, I didn’t take pictures of the seating/dining and the small workspace areas.

In terms of food, there were snacks to choose from (chips, candies, popcorn) and some real food (soups, perogies, etc).  There is also the usual beverage section (not pictured here).  The food spread isn’t as plentiful as some other lounges, but the selections are actually quite decent.


Snack and dessert section ©travelgadgetreviews

Food area ©travelgadgetreviews









The check-in staff at the lounge were polite and professional. At some point, there was actually a waitlist to access the lounge due to capacity issues — there were multiple flight delays that day.

The only downside?  Maybe because of the crowd size or that there wasn’t enough air conditioning that day, but the space felt very stuffy with few available seating areas.  Unlike some lounges, you also don’t get a window view of anything.  It was sufficiently stuffy enough that I didn’t end up hanging out at the lounge and opted to explore the airport instead.

I think I would be disappointed if I had paid for the day pass.  To be fair, if the lounge wasn’t as busy/crowded/stuffy, it might actually be a good spot to ‘lounge’ around for a little while.


Have you visited the Club lounges?  Your impressions?

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