Are You Participating in IHG’s Accelerate Promotion?

For those who are not familiar with IHG’s Accelerate campaign, IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) runs a quarterly promotion to reward IHG members to “earn bonus points on your travels faster”.  It is just as the name implies: “Accelerate”.

This quarter’s promotion period runs from  5/15 to 8/31/17.

What is IHG’s Accelerate?

The premise is simple.  Each person gets his/her own customized offers. When you meet the conditions of an offer, you get extra IHG bonus points.

These offers can range from staying x number of nights at an IHG property, using the IHG credit card to pay for a stay, or booking a night using cash and points.  If you complete multiple offers, you can potentially qualify for the higher “achievement” bonus points.

To qualify for bonus points, you need to login and register for the promotion first.

Personally,  I haven’t participated in this promotion until recently.  For the most part, my offers were not that great or they were just too challenging to meet for my travel needs.

My Accelerate Offer This Quarter

It’s not a bad list, though I knew I won’t go far with these offers.

In fact, I had completely forgotten about this promotion until I started a paid stay at a IHG property.  I quickly registered before I completed my stay.  If this happened to you, you may be relieved to know that the stay counted!

Even with some progress, I likely won’t bother with the rest of the offers.   To start, the economics didn’t make sense.  For example, I only need one more night to complete the 10,000 IHG bonus points offer.  However, the lowest nightly rate of nearby hotels is just under $100.   I certainly don’t value 10,000 IHG points to be worth $100.  If you ended up getting some offers that can be stacked (i.e. a stay can meet multiple requirements), then there may be some added value proposition.

Sure, there are are some low hanging offers  as well, but the associated bonus points offers are so low that they are generally not worth it –unless you are on target to meet the achievement bonus.

In Summary

I think IHG runs a brilliant promotional campaign.  After all,  if customers are trying to book more stays to meet the offers, then IHG has succeeded with incentivizing customers to book with them.

It’s no wonder this promotion is popular and comes back every quarter.

As for me, unless I see a really great hotel rate  that may be worth a staycation, I’m just going to skip the rest. I’ll have to wait to see the offers are for the next quarter.

Are you participating in the IHG Accelerate program?  How far are you from your goal?  Does this promotion changes your hotel booking pattern?  Sound off below!

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