Baby Born On Airplane & What NOT to Say to a New Mom

By now, most people may have come across the recent news that a baby was born aboard a flight on the Cebu Pacific airline.  The mother had a quick delivery and she and the baby are both doing just fine.  The story has an added happy ending too; the baby has been given a gift of a million miles by the airline!


What I found interesting was a stray comment I read somewhere.  Someone posted that s/he hopes that the million miles doesn’t incentivize other expectant moms-to-be to do the same.

I am thinking, “Really?”

First, the airline has no stated policy that they will award a million miles to all babies born aboard.  More importantly, I suspect that most expectant mothers don’t want to give birth aboard an aircraft.  With confined space, lack of privacy, the absence of medical staff and equipment in the event of complications, and the inconveniencing of other passengers, giving birth aboard an aircraft isn’t exactly the way most women would be vying to give birth.

And lest anyone else forgets, the timing of the delivery is not up to the Mom (except in the case of C-section).  Some babies decide to come out to play way too early.  Others are stubborn and refused to come out even when they are expected to. Either way, when the baby is ready to come out into the world, it will let you know on its own time and in its own terms.

Case in point: The woman who gave birth on-board?  The baby came out at least 5 weeks ahead of schedule, according to a CNN source.


I am glad the folks interviewed on the Cebu Pacific flight all appeared to be in good spirits, even though the plane had to be diverted and delayed.  Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky in terms of support.  Instead of thanking his wife for delivering a healthy baby, this story, if true, takes the cake for insensitivity:

Husband Yells at Wife Because She Gives Birth to His Baby in His Brand New Car

Either way, it’s a reminder that the baby will come out on its own terms, whether the expectant Mom happens to be in a car, on an aircraft, or wherever she happens to be. I sure hope the Dad gets his priorities straight and learns a valuable life lesson.
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