Beware: Can you Get the IHG Premier card bonus if you have an IHG Select Card?

Chase came out with a 2 brand new IHG card products just last month.  One of those products is the IHG Premier Rewards Club card.  I wrote about why the new card made sense despite the free night devaluation.  For those who had been following, IHG/Chase reversed the poorly planned change for IHG Select cardmembers.  The certificate is uncapped if it was issued before May 1, 2019.

Bonus Points Did Not Post for IHG Premier Card

I’ve been an IHG Select cardholder for a long time.  As someone who stays at IHG properties, I decided to spring for the new IHG Premier card ($89 annual fee).

The Offer

I completed my spend (over $2,000 in purchases) and my statement recently closed. Unfortunately, the 80,000 bonus points did not post on my first statement.

I will be the first to admit that this is a fairly premature development at this point. It is possible that my last purchase that put me over the spending threshold may have put me too close to the statement cut date (2 days prior).

There isn’t any reason why the 80,000 bonus points should not have posted, since this is a brand new product.

Potential Cause for Concerns?

While I don’t have a lot of Chase cards, I know that Chase is fairly consistent in posting earned rewards on the statement in which the requirement is completed.  My total “purchases” on the statement were over $2k.

I’ve already opened a support ticket with Chase.  It might also just be a matter of waiting through the next statement to see if the bonus points automatically post.  While some of the other benefits associated with the new Premier card are good, one of the compelling reasons for getting the new card is the 80,000 bonus points.

There aren’t many data points out on this card yet because it’s such a new card.  If the bonus isn’t awarded because I’m an existing Select cardholder, I’m not going to be a very happy camper with Chase.

If you are a Select cardholder and on the fence about applying for this card, beware. You may want to wait until a few more data points come in before applying for the card.

Any other IHG Select cardholders who had data points about this card?

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