Confirmed: Hilton Aspire Comes with a Free Night in the First Year

Earlier in January, Amex launched two new card products.  The Hilton Ascend and the Hilton Aspire card.

The Hilton Aspire card is a $450 annual fee premium card.  There was some ambiguity on whether the Hilton Aspire card comes with a free weekend night in its first year.

No one had any data point at the time given that the Hilton Aspire was new product.  I understood that a free weekend reward night is included based on the fine prints. I didn’t expect anyone to have confirmation until March or April at the earliest, given the language,

“You will receive the reward email within 8-14 weeks after opening your Card Account”.

This weekend, I received a promising email with the subject line:


It comes with this message:


When To Receive Certificate?

I thought the email was quite humorous. The subject line suggests that I’ve “received” an annual weekend night reward, while the email content says it might take another 8-14 weeks.

I am not in a hurry to get the certificate, so I’m not fretting about the timeframe. I actually prefer to get it later since the certificate has a one year expiration.

Even if you are waiting for the rewards night, I wouldn’t fret too much about the email timeframe. Given past experience, I strongly suspect that cardholders would still get the weekend reward certificate within 14 weeks from application approval.  In my case, I expect to receive it as early as late April/early May.  Let’s see if it materializes that way.

It seemed to me that Amex could use a little help in word-smithing. While it’s fine to recycle the language used in an application, timing must also be accounted for in the delivery of email.  For cardholders who have had the card for a couple of weeks already, the email is being read as an unexpected extension of the reward night certificate delivery.

That said, for those who had doubts about whether a free weekend night is included in the first year, the email serves as a confirmation that it is included.

For those who want to use the certificate, plan ahead.  It still takes a couple of months before you get your reward night email.

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