Do You Still Send Postcards?

I had been looking forward to traveling to a particular destination last year.  I was telling someone whom I considered to be a close friend (I’ll call him “J”) about the trip.  He wished me a good trip, then he nonchalantly added, “Send me a postcard”.

I might have abruptly stopped what I was doing, looked up at him, and gave him a stare.  Maybe I was looking for signs of irony, but found none. I was flummoxed. Like, “Who still sends postcard”?  In fact, that was my actual response.

He thought it was hilarious that I had such a reaction.  He often laughed about it when he brings up that conversation.

Why So Surprised?

I supposed my reaction might be an overkill, but that’s because I have not sent a travel postcard to anyone before.  Sure, I’ve sent postcards to enter silly sweepstakes, but those don’t really count.

Traveling was not a luxury my family could afford as a kid, so sending travel postcards was not something that came up when I was growing up. That’s not to say I didn’t write to people.  On the contrary, I wrote tons of letters to my best friend after I moved.  Just not postcards.

I often wonder if businesses make any sales off postcards.  I really don’t know a lot of people who still write postcards.

The Logistics

At J’s suggestion, I thought, “Well, there’s a first time for everything. Maybe I’ll surprise him!”

Finding postcards isn’t particularly hard.  The hotel property offered two postcards in the guestbooks, but they were rather dull and uninspiring.  Finding the right one took a bit more effort, and I was happy with the one I found at one of the shops.

I hadn’t thought through the logistics.  I didn’t have stamps with me and I didn’t see a post office nearby.  It didn’t occur to me to ask the front desk either.  After I wrote my notes, I carefully tucked the postcard away.  I know I may have completely defeated the purpose of sending a postcard, but J had such a warm laugh…when I personally hand-delivered his postcard to him.  Beat that!

When I joked that he should get me a postcard for his next trip (a destination I’ve yet to visit), I was floored when he came back and handed them to me. Not one, but two postcards!  I was just being silly and I thought he’d forgotten all about it.  I love the thought/gesture all the same.

The Thoughts that Count

On my most recent trip to Copenhagen, I saw a beautiful stack of postcards at souvenir shop with images consisting mostly of the Nyhavn scenery and the Little Mermaid statue.

They were pretty, but I decided to pass.

I thought it sweeter to get local treats to share instead.

Postcards?  Maybe next time.



Do you still write or send postcards?  How often do you still send them these days? Have you written or received any favorites?  Chime in below!


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