Hawaiian Airline’s Plumeria Lounge in Honolulu

During my inter-island transit in Hawaii, I had the chance to visit the Hawaiian Airline’s Plumeria lounge at the HNL airport.

Access to Lounge

The lounge is relatively new, and it opened in 2015.

Lounge access is open to those flying on Hawaiian Airlines’ international business class, Priority Pass members, and those who wish to buy a lounge pass.

The lounge was added to the Priority Pass network sometime in 2016.  Since I am a Priority Pass member through Citi Prestige, I can bring 2 guests in with me.   The lounge has limited hours on certain weekdays, so be sure to check the hours before you head over.

The Priority Pass Signage at the Check-in Counter

Lounge Location

According to the Plumeria lounge website, the lounge is “located on the third floor of the Honolulu International Airport, Inter-island Terminal. From the second floor, take the nearest escalator/elevator up to the third floor, and the lounge is located near the Wiki Wiki shuttle pick up area.”

I followed the the signage to the Wiki Wiki Shuttle.  Once I got there, I saw an airline staff who pointed me to the right direction.

Keep in mind that this lounge is on the inter-island terminal.  I’m not sure I would trek over to this lounge if I am on an intercontinental flight.

The Lounge in Pictures

The lounge is very spacious.  At the time of my visit, there were about 8 guests or so at the lounge so it was also very quiet.

Seating near the Food Area


In terms of food options, the lounge has cold sandwiches (it was okay), fruits, cookies, drinks and other light snacks.


Food options

I love junk food, so the fruit snacks was my favorite.



Overall, the Plumeria lounge is a nice lounge – clean, quiet, spacious.  The food option is OK, though it is probably considered mediocre compared to other highly rated international business lounges.  If you have complimentary access to the lounge, the Plumeria lounge is worth an easy visit.  Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth* it to get a lounge pass.

*Though it isn’t specific to the Plumeria lounge which is a decent lounge. In my humble opinion, some of the best airport lounges worthy of a paid admission – perhaps not surprisingly — do not offer lounge passes and are open only to guests flying on premium cabins.

Source: Travel Gadget Reviews

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