REVIEW: Korean Air Lounge at Narita Airport

Korean Air Lounge at Narita Airport

On my recent Asia trip, I flew from Japan to South Korea via the Narita Airport (NRT) in Japan.  I had an economy seat on United Airlines for the short 2.5 hours ride.  Since I was flying on economy, I didn’t have access to the lounge via my flight ticket.  Fortunately, I have a priority pass membership and decided to scope out one of the participating lounges.  In this case, I got to check out the Korean Air (KAL) lounge.

KAL Lounge in Pictures

The KAL lounge has an open space concept. Due to the way the lounge is set up, the seats that were most widely available were the spots in the middle of the lounge. I went for it and got this vantage point:

Korean Air Lounge in Narita


There is an area that is cordoned off for the exclusive use of First Class Passengers.   It’s a nice perk, though I can’t see that it affords any more privacy.  For the entire time that I was at the lounge, I only saw one lone passenger who sat in the specially designated area.  He also wasn’t there for long, either.

First Class Area


Snacking at Lounge

At any lounge, I always like to check out the snack options.  It’s a form of bench-marking for me.  At this lounge, I tried a rice ball (onigiri – see below).  I also drank the famed jeju water.  In case you’re curious, it tastes just like…water.

Onigiri and Jeju Water


Since this riceball above wasn’t to my liking, I got a different kind along with some light snacks.  There were 3 onigiri flavored types to choose from and I got the following which was both tasty and filling!


My snacks at the KAL lounge


Although there were other draws at the airport,  I quite enjoy the Korean Air lounge at the Narita Airport.  The lounge is clean and comfortable and the food is decent and filling.  There are some lounges I probably won’t visit again, but this is one that I would definitely visit again if I’m in the neighborhood.

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