Review: The Eventyr Lounge at Copenhagen Airport (Terminal 3)

If you are flying internationally from the Copenhagen Airport at Terminal 3, and you are a Priority Pass member, you have access to the Eventry Lounge.

Location and Access

The lounge is located next to Gate C36 (after passport control).  This lounge is part of the Priority Pass program.  If you have the Priority Pass membership, you can access this lounge.

I see this signage. Some notables:

  • Walk-In access to the lounge is DKK 250 or ~ $37 USD.
  • “Excellent” wine?  Not something I typically see promoted in a lounge banner ad.



The first thing you will notice when you step into this lounge is how spacious it is.  They weren’t kidding about the panoramic view.  The lounge was also not crowded at the time of my visit, which made the feel of the lounge even more spacious.


Food spread

I have alluded elsewhere that I may be biased when it comes to my review of lounges.  I don’t review the facilities quite as much I do the food options.   Unlike the rather sad looking food spread at the JFK Wingtips lounge, the food spread here looks fresh and edible!

Cheese was fresh (I was in Denmark; I expect nothing less for its cheese).  Ham was good.  Tomato cuts were good.  In other words, the food spread is good!

I was so excited about seeing decent food at a lounge that I completely forgot about checking out the “Excellent wine”.  Not that I drink much wine nor am I skilled enough to tell you the difference between the “good vs great vs excellent” wine, but maybe others who have had those drinks at this lounge can chime in on the veracity of their claim.

A beer dispenser and soda machine are available for thirsty loungers.

In Summary

I’ve never heard of the Eventyr Lounge prior to my visit, but I like this lounge quite a bit.  If you find yourself with extra time at the Copenhagen airport, be sure to stop by for a visit.

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