T-Mobile’s International Data Roaming: In-flight WiFI and International Data Pass

As someone who loves technology, I often look at options on how to stay connected even when I’m traveling abroad.

In fact, one of the major reasons I switched over to T-Mobile was because of their free international data roaming.   (To be fair, I also had T-Mobile as a service provider in the past so I knew T-Mobile had good coverage in my area).

T-Mobile’s 1-Hour Free In-Flight Internet Access

T-Mobile has a partnership with Gogo (inflight internet company).  When you fly on a WiFI-enabled/Gogo flight, you can connect online.  Keep in mind that this option is not supported on all airlines.

Airlines that support T-Mobile in flight text (Source: T-Mobile)


Most recently, I flew on Delta.  When I connected my mobile device, I get these landing pages.











You simply have to login with your T-Mobile number, and you get your free one-hour of WiFI access.

International Roaming Data Pass

When you are abroad, T-Mobile also offers free 2G data roaming at over 140+ countries. While T-Mobile only promises 2G speed in the fine prints, I find that I can usually pick up 3G access (this varies by country).

If you need faster access, you can buy an international data pass to upgrade to “high speed data”.  On a recent trip, I had to upgrade to take care of some time-sensitive things.  When I log-in to my T-Mobile account, I see this option:

T-Mobile Data Pass Option


Of course, there’s nothing like a thank-you-for-your-order with an smiling emoji.

T-Mobile Data Pass Confirmation.


After I upgrade, I had a much better experience than trying to browse on 2G speed.  I didn’t do a speed test, but it didn’t seemed like it was LTE speed (but sufficient 3G speed).

If you end up using up your 1GB allotment of high speed data pass before the 10-days, you can always buy another one.  Remember to end your current data pass first before buying the new one.  Otherwise, the new data pass won’t start until the old data pass expires in 10-days.

I think the data pass is expensive for just 1GB of international roaming data, but at least the option is available for when you really need it.

Have you used the Gogo inflight internet through T-Mobile?  Did it work fine for you, or have you run into any issues?  

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