Visiting the Windmills in the Netherlands

Ah, windmills.

When I was planning the trip to the Netherlands, visiting the Dutch windmills was something that was very high on my list.

I couldn’t put my fingers on why.  Maybe it’s because I know very little about how windmills work.  Maybe it’s more superficial, that I like the look of windmills as a backdrop in a rustic landscape.  Or maybe the reasons run deeper, that they remind me of the ingenuity of humankind to harness the power of nature (wind) to solve problems.  Or that the idyllic setting makes for a good place to ponder on the dichotomy of life.

Whatever the reason, it isn’t important anymore. What is important is that we went out there to explore.  We visited a less crowded wind (water) mill before visiting the more popular Zaanse Schans.  The windmills are quaint and unique, just as I thought they would be.


View from a windmill.


1/3 of the Netherlands actually lie below sea level (yes, this includes the Schiphol airport). Through an intricate system (in the building of dykes and the use of windmills, the latter of which is largely replaced by electric pumping stations), lands were reclaimed for use.


@ Zaandam.


Zaanse Schans. Trekked over to visit one of the mills with our guide.  Also, we got photo-bombed in a group pic. (Ha, it’s the second time it happened in the Netherlands!)


We decided to visit Het Jonge Schaap (a sawmill)


This is where the action is at.


Behind the scenes of how all the action happens.


Work in Progress.  Windmill. Wood. Heart. (Ok…)


A picturesque afternoon.


If you find yourself in the Netherlands and you are looking for something relaxing to do, a stroll through Zaanse Schans is certainly a good way to spend an afternoon.


Have you visited the windmills, in the Netherlands or elsewhere?  What have you found most interesting about them?

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