What To Do if You’ve Lost Your Global Entry Card?


Lost Your Global Entry Card?

Don’t fret if you’ve lost your Global Entry Card for the Trusted Traveler Program. Unfortunately, I had the experience of losing my Global Entry card on my recent travel. And I fretted.

I really hate losing stuff, especially an ID that contains my name, picture, and DOB info. The card had less than 3 years under its belt.

Where I Think I Lost My card

I last remembered putting it inside my passport, but it must have fallen out during the shuffles of getting my passport in and out during a security check or at a border control area.

When I took out my passport to put it into the hotel safe, I noticed my Global Entry card is missing. I dug through my things hoping it was misplaced, but alas, no such luck. After lamenting at myself for my carelessness, I resigned to the fact that the card is gone. I looked into how to report a lost card (it is, after all, a government issued ID) and I wouldn’t want it active and in the possession of the wrong person.

Applying for a Replacement Card

The good news is that it turns out the process to report a lost or stolen card is to simply re-apply for a replacement card. You just login to your global entry account, and there is an option to get a replacement card (for a fee of $25 USD). It states that the old card will be deactivated once the new one is activated.

Interestingly, the Global Entry PASS number stays exactly the same. I was expecting a new number.

I also thought I need to go through another interview for a replacement card. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. I came back from my trip and my replacement card was already waiting for me in the mail.

So, if you’ve lost your global entry card, don’t fret. The process to report the card as lost and to get a replacement card is relatively straightforward.

Quick Lesson Learned

I won’t make the same mistake again.

Next time, I won’t even bring my card along.

Since I added my global entry number to my frequent flier accounts, there isn’t a need to carry the physical card. I can simply use the Global Entry kiosks using my fingerprints. The physical card isn’t needed. This bypass the need to carry the card around and the possibility that I would lose it again — that is, except and unless I want to use it as a form of ID.

Have you ever need to use the physical Global Entry card? Do you have any reasons for carrying the physical card with you when you travel?
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