What Travel Gaffes Have You Made This Year?

I’d considered myself to be fairly well traveled, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make the occasional travel gaffes.  Sometimes I can laugh about it in the moment.  Other times, it’s only funny days after the fact.

Earlier this year, I had to make a “last minute” international trip.  With little time on my hands, I focused on the essentials: Booking a flight and making a hotel reservation.

All was fine until I tried to check in at the hotel.

Travel Gaffe

When I tried to check in at the hotel, the hotel clerk couldn’t find my reservation.  It can’t be, I thought.  I pulled up the reservation email on my phone.  A confirmed reservation. Checked.  Dates, Checked.  The dates are right, but wait a minute…did I book a room for same dates next year?!?!

I tried to book the same room type on the spot, but the quoted rate was nearly doubled. I stepped away and browsed through my hotel options.  Interestingly, I was able to find a much better room type online for just a little more than quoted for a standard room.

When I got in line again, I got the same clerk but he wasn’t able to find the same deal.  He openly admitted that sometimes the online rate is actually better than the walk up rates and actually suggested that I book it online.   Inventory had changed, so I quickly snapped up an executive room which comes with complimentary breakfast and hors d’oeuvres at the lounge.

In Summary

I wasn’t too worried about not having a place to stay since I knew that the hotel wasn’t sold out (yet).  I just didn’t want to pay through the roof for my mistake.

It wasn’t really that funny at the time, but at least I can laugh about it shortly after.  Trying to check in a year early to my hotel was probably my worst travel gaffe this year.

So far, anyway.


What travel gaffes have you made this year? 

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