Why I Decided to Cancel My AMC A-List Membership

The AMC A-List membership had already reached 750,000 members in its membership roll.  It’s quite impressive given that this new membership tier was only introduced in the middle of 2018.  It’s a movie subscription plan that basically allows you to see up to 3 movies every week, including the premium formats (e.g. IMAX) at most of the AMC theaters for a flat monthly charge ($19.95 in my case).

Worth it to upgrade from AMC Stub Premiere?

I had been a long-time AMC Stub Premiere member, and that had worked well for me. While I am not a regular movie goer, I’ve definitely gone to the movies enough times where the “savings” from the membership easily covered the membership fee.  When the AMC A-List membership came out, it looked flexible enough that I decided to upgrade.  It requires a minimum of 3-month membership commitment.

Did It Change My Movie-Going Behavior?

I don’t watch much TV to begin with, and I wasn’t planning to watch 3 movies a week (I don’t have that kind of time).  Still, I thought I might go out to the movies more often with the membership.  What surprised me was how few movies I ended up watching.

During my 4 months of membership, I could have watched up to 48 films.  I ended up with 7 films.  I was really only interested in 3 of them.

  • Ralph breaks the Internet: The first movie was better, but it was a fun sequel.
  • Second Act:   A filler.
  • Fantastic Beasts:  The Crimes of Gindelwald:  I’m a Harry Potter fan. Totally worth it.
  • Mary Queen of Scots (cancelled): Appeared to be an interesting drama film.  Cancelled due to weather.
  • What Men Want: Just 2 hours of my life I can never get back.
  • The Kid Who Would be King (cancelled):  Cancelled – didn’t want to trek to the theater for a “filler” film.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World:  I don’t remember watching the first one; the sequel is ok.
  • Shazam:  Just wanted to watch something lighthearted and silly.  It fitted that bill.
  • Avengers: End Game (IMAX, reserved):  Avengers:Infinity War was a good movie (coming from someone who is not a huge superhero movie fan), so this should be worth it.

For me, having the A List membership didn’t change my desire to watch quality films at the theaters, not just any movies.  Not all movies are theater-worthy.  Some are just rental-worthy.

Cancelling My Membership

I know some people love the A-List membership and are making use of the 3 movie slots every week. After 4 months of membership, I know it’s just not for me. I guess I’m just not much of a movie buff.

When I cancelled my membership, the AMC rep offered 10,000 AMC points over 2 months to stay.  I decided to cancel and revert back to my AMC Stub Premiere membership status, even as I know I will likely head to the theater in May to watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

For now, I like to indulge in the occasional movie-goer experience.  It feels more like a little special treat – just the way I like it.


If you had the A-List membership, did it change your movie-going experience?  Are you seeing way more movies than you would otherwise.

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