Would You Separate from your Party to Board in an Earlier Boarding Zone?

Here’s the scenario:  Two colleagues, both frequent fliers.  One is a Delta Platinum and other a Delta Diamond.  Both are upgraded to Delta comfort.  The Diamond Medallion member can board right after the Pre-Boarding group, based on the boarding order for Delta.  If you are the Diamond member, would you board in your zone or wait to board with your colleague?

A Mixed Bag

When it comes to boarding zones, it’s a bit of a gray area.  While boarding zones aren’t a big deal to me (since my bag can usually fit in the seat in front of me), I like to board early so I could settle in.  I did, however, once opted to board last on a long haul flight.  I was going to be stuck 10+ hours flight (and I picked the last row), so why the rush?

There is one clear conditional:  If there is a need for overhead bin space, then whomever has the earlier zone should go in first.  Given that conditional, I found the following to be true for me:

  • When traveling with family or friends:  Since we’re sitting together, I like boarding together, even if it meant taking a later boarding zone.  Word of advice: If you are traveling with a spouse, it’s best not to board without your spouse, for obvious reasons. 🙂  You may never hear the end of it!
  • When traveling with coworkers:  This hadn’t come up much simply because most colleagues are on different flights and/or aren’t seated together.  In these cases, I tend to stick to boarding during my assigned zone. The only exception is if I really enjoy the company of said colleague(s), then I would wait and board together. I’d say this one is person-dependent.


What about Security lanes?

If you have access to expedited security lines but those in your party don’t, would you stick together and use the regular line instead?

This may sound terrible, but this one is an easy question because my answer is less negotiable.  I don’t like those full body scanners at the airports. Period.  Since I had already gone through the trouble of applying and interviewing for Global Entry, there isn’t much that would prevent me from using the expedited lanes.  Unless my help is needed (e.g. nervous/anxious/new flyer/elderly relatives), it’s “Sorry, I’ll see you at the other side of the security checkpoint.”

I wouldn’t blink an eye if the reverse is true.  In fact, it happened (When TSA Pre-Check isn’t Printed on Your Boarding Pass). The way I see it?  Let’s not put anyone through that more onerous security process if they don’t need to there.

And in case you’re wondering, the Delta Diamond member boarded ahead (of his boss).

No hard feelings.


What’s your style? Would you separate from your party to board in an earlier boarding zone? 

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